What is 360° Lipo?

What is 360° Lipo in New York

Dr. Gordon Andan and the team at New York Surgical Arts have helped numerous patients to achieve beautifully contoured results with liposuction as well as other body contouring procedures. 360° lipo is a specialized treatment that creates a sleeker overall profile for some of the most common problem areas. If […]

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What Is BBL Recovery Like?

What Is BBL Recovery Like in New York

Dr. Gordon Andan and the team at New York Surgical Arts help women and men achieve the sculpted body they desire while providing caring support and an unparalleled bedside manner. We help our patients through each stage of the procedure, from questions and consultation to post-op recovery and follow-up. If […]

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Should I Get A Tummy Tuck or A Full Mommy Makeover?

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Other mothers need a more comprehensive mommy makeover procedure to address unique changes in different parts of their bodies. So, knowing which procedures can be included in your mommy makeover is important in deciding whether or not a tummy tuck is all you need. Dr. Gordon Andan has helped hundreds […]

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Six-Pack Ab Liposuction Complements Your Workout

When You Want That Extra Definition Candidates for abdominal etching are not individuals who spend too much time on the couch and minimal time in the gym. This is a procedure designed for the fit and active. Candidates should already have pronounced abdominal muscles but need some help getting the […]

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How 360-Degree Lipo Stacks Up Against Traditional Liposuction

For example, should you go for traditional liposuction or 360-degree lipo? It really comes down to what your goals are. How Lipo and 360-Degree Lipo Differ The first question you are likely asking yourself is what is lipo 360 and how is it different from traditional techniques. Traditional liposuction can slim down specific […]

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How Six-Pack Ab Liposuction Works on Your Midsection

In today’s culture, many strive for chiseled abs and a toned physique. But six-pack abs aren’t always that easy to attain. Whether you have always been in good shape or have worked hard to reach a weight loss goal, attaining defined muscles, or a six-pack, can often feel out of […]

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