Whatever You Do, Don’t Sit after Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Your gluteal muscles are highly active — something you might not realize until after your BBL. This means recovery can be a challenge while you discover how to avoid stressing the area.

There is perhaps no activity more challenging to navigate post-surgery than sitting. So, how do you sit after a Brazilian butt lift?

The Short Answer: You Don’t

Well, not for a while. You will, of course, eventually be able to sit again. However, you need to avoid it for a period directly after your BBL.

With a BBL, unwanted fat is removed from elsewhere in the body, purified and then injected into the buttocks. For the fat to fuse with the existing buttocks tissue and form the desired shape, it cannot be disturbed until it develops its own blood supply.

So, How Does That Work?

After your BBL in NYC, you will need to avoid sitting for a minimum of two weeks.

Basically, the only sitting you can do is while using the bathroom, and even then, hovering is better when possible. Avoid sitting for any prolonged period of time, no matter the activity.

For stationary activities where you would usually sit, lie on your stomach or rest on your side with the weight placed on the front of your hip. This is also true when sleeping, so if you are a back sleeper, work on changing that before surgery and consider getting a positioning device.

If you do need to sit for a prolonged period of time, perhaps in a car, use a pillow that directs your weight to the thighs. Expect to keep up this new approach to sitting for at least two weeks after surgery, though Dr. Gordon Andan may suggest you avoid placing weight on the buttocks for longer.

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