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Mommy Makeover New York

A mommy makeover is a customized set of procedures designed to alleviate a mother’s most bothersome aesthetic issues. As rewarding as motherhood is, it’s common for mothers to miss their pre-pregnancy appearance. A mommy makeover combines breast, tummy, and fat reduction treatments into a single procedure, enhancing the body in just the right ways to help you feel young and sexy again.

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About Mommy Makeover Surgery

Many women experience loose skin and stubborn fat deposits after pregnancy. It’s also common for breasts to lose volume or sag. A mommy makeover can help women restore and enhance their shape by repairing weakened abdominal muscles, eliminating excess skin and fat, and reshaping breasts.

At New York Surgical Arts, Dr. Gordon Andan is invested in answering any questions you might have so you can determine if a mommy makeover is right for you. 

The most popular procedures to include in a mommy makeover are:

A mommy makeover isn’t limited to these procedures, but is instead tailor-made to meet your unique needs. If you have other areas of your face or body that you would like to address, Dr. Andan will develop a customized approach to help you meet your goals.

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Benefits of Body Contouring

The main benefit of a mommy makeover is its versatility. Pregnancy affects every woman differently, so the mommy makeover may focus on the belly, the breasts, or the overall silhouette. Within each category, Dr. Andan will shape the procedure to fit each new mom’s needs and anatomy.

For example, “breast enhancement” is an umbrella term that covers several cosmetic options. A breast lift may be subtle, utilizing the periareolar technique to gently raise the contours of the chest.[1] Alternately, Dr. Andan may recommend a vertical incision, which allows for more pronounced lifting and shaping.[2] 

Similarly, the abdominal region of each patient reacts differently to her respective pregnancy. Some women experience stretching of the midsection muscles, a condition called diastasis recti.[3] Dr. Andan can gently tighten the abdominal musculature and remove stretched, sagging skin as part of a comprehensive tummy tuck procedure.

You are complex, so you deserve a suite of procedures that complements your unique lifestyle. Call (516) 746-0155 to discuss how a mommy makeover can transform your body and boost your confidence. 

Eligible Candidates

Candidates for a mommy makeover are usually women who have completed building their families and wish to reclaim a more youthful figure. Sometimes, women may consider a mommy makeover before completing their families, but some of the results may be affected by a future pregnancy.

Dr. Andan can assess your eligibility for a mommy makeover procedure during your comprehensive consultation

The best mommy makeover candidates can maintain a steady weight and are in good health. You should wait at least 6 months after giving birth before having any body contouring procedures since it takes some time for your body to normalize after pregnancy and childbirth. 

Private Consultation in New York

Dr. Gordon Andan is a skilled cosmetic surgeon serving New York City, Manhattan, Long Island and the surrounding area. He takes pride in helping women restore their youthful pre-pregnancy bodies with the help of a mommy makeover.

Every surgical procedure is performed in our AAAHC accredited operating facility, following standards that meet or exceed the national guidelines for patient health and safety.

The first step in achieving your ideal look with a mommy makeover is to talk one-on-one with Dr. Andan. Contact us today or call (516) 746-0155 to request your consultation. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our blog for insights and information regarding cosmetic enhancement in the greater metropolitan area.

Dr. Andan understands that choosing to have a mommy makeover is a highly personal decision. During your consultation, he’ll take the time to answer any questions you have and make sure that you feel comfortable about making your decision to move forward.


Due to the highly customized nature of a mommy makeover procedure, the preparation protocols are suited specifically to your case. You will receive detailed instructions during your consultation, so please follow them carefully. In general, it is advisable to quit smoking and stop taking certain blood-thinning medications in the three weeks leading up to your procedure. Dr. Andan wants your body to operate at peak performance so you can fully enjoy the benefits of your mommy makeover.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

The exact mommy makeover procedure depends on the treatments included and your individual goals. Most commonly, women include breast enhancement and a tummy tuck in their menu of services.

A mommy makeover is typically performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure, so you can return home once your procedure is complete.

Many women also choose liposuction or SmartLipo to slim down problem spots and better enhance their overall figure. It’s also common for women to include some form of facial rejuvenation, including nonsurgical med spa treatments, as part of a mommy makeover.

Healthy Recovery

After you return home following your mommy makeover, you’ll receive a phone call from our office making sure you’re doing well. Dr. Andan enjoys checking up on the initial stages of your healing process.

mommy makeover new york

Recovering from a mommy makeover varies for each individual and depends on the type and number of procedures included.  In general, you can expect to take at least a week of downtime before resuming a normal routine. You may wish to engage in light physical activity after about 2 weeks, but you should avoid anything strenuous for several additional weeks.

Your recovery will depend on which procedures you have done and how extensive they are. In general, you will need to rest. You may experience some pain and discomfort, which can be managed using medication. Many women are able to return to work within a week to 10 days, though it can take longer for others. After several weeks, you can gradually return to your normal routine. Dr. Andan always sends his mommy makeover patients home with detailed recovery instructions to help them heal quickly and comfortably.

Remarkable Results

You should notice a change in your body immediately after your surgery, although your final results won’t be apparent for a few months. Swelling and bruising are normal during the initial stages of healing and should gradually subside as your body recovers. The precise timeline of your results will depend on the procedures included in your mommy makeover.

To get a glimpse of your future satisfaction, please visit our reviews page. We are committed to providing world-class aesthetic services to residents and visitors to Manhattan, Long Island, and the greater NYC vicinity.


How much does a mommy makeover cost in New York?

The exact price of a mommy makeover depends on many factors. The procedure includes several options, each of which will contribute to the final cost. Feel free to read through our patient resources page to learn more about our credit options. Dr. Andan is proud to provide transparent pricing as part of your comprehensive consultation. 

What is included in a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover consists of a combination of procedures that beautify and rejuvenate the areas affected by pregnancy and childbirth. This often includes a tummy tuck and/or liposuction as well as some type of breast rejuvenation such as implants or a breast lift. At your consultation, Dr. Andan can help you determine which procedures would work best to help you achieve your goals.

Can I have more children after the procedure?

A mommy makeover will not prevent you from getting pregnant and having more children. However, many women choose to wait until after their final pregnancy to have a mommy makeover. This is because pregnancy will likely undo the results of a mommy makeover by stretching the skin and causing changes in breast shape.

Will I have scars?

You will have scars where your cosmetic surgeon makes incisions. The location and size of your incisions will depend on the procedures you have done. Dr. Andan will use precise and skillful techniques to make the smallest, most inconspicuously placed incisions possible. You will be given instructions on how to care for your incisions after surgery. If you follow them, your scars should heal nicely and will continue to diminish in appearance over time.

When is the best time for a mommy makeover?

You can get a mommy makeover as soon as you have healed from your last pregnancy, or you can get one after your children are all grown and have left home. There’s no expiration date when it comes to enjoying the benefits of having a mommy makeover. As long as you are a good candidate for the procedures, you should be able to undergo your procedure whenever it works best for you.

Is a mommy makeover permanent?

Nothing in life is permanent, but you can maintain the results of your mommy makeover by staying in good shape and making healthy lifestyle choices. Unless you gain a significant amount of weight or become pregnant again, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to seek revisions in the future.


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