Why Choose Dr. Andan

Dr. Gordon Andan is a leading cosmetic surgeon for performing buttocks augmentation in New York and Long Island, and is highly sought after due to the results he achieves. Dr. Andan emphasizes sculpting the body with liposuction during the first part of your BBL to yield the best results.

Every cosmetic surgery is performed in our AAAHC accredited operating facility, which meets or exceeds the national standards for patient health and safety.

The first step in achieving your ideal look with the help of a BBL is to talk one-on-one with Dr. Andan. Contact us today or call 516-746-0155 to request your consultation.

Candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are people who feel self-conscious about having flat or sagging buttocks and wish to achieve a more curvaceous or sculpted figure. Men and women alike can benefit from buttock augmentation.

People who have lost weight and want to put the finishing touches on their new physique often consider having a Brazilian butt lift, while very thin individuals can feel sexier and more confident by adding some volume to the buttocks for a fuller and more sculpted look.

Because the Brazilian butt lift is performed using fat transfer, or fat grafting, each procedure includes some amount of liposuction to harvest fat cells. However, many people choose to have additional liposuction to contour other parts of the body and complement the results of their Brazilian butt lift.

Your Buttocks Augmentation Procedure

During your consultation, Dr. Gordon encourages you to discuss your desired, ideal outcome. He then goes over the procedure and discusses if you are a good candidate and the results you can expect.

The Brazilian butt lift is a two part procedure beginning with liposuction. Dr. Andan customizes his approach to fat harvesting for each individual’s figure. Depending on your body shape and your goals, he may take fat cells from your midsection, arms, thighs or another part of your body. In particularly thin people, he usually collects fat from the abdomen or the inner thighs, where nearly everyone stores a little bit of excess subcutaneous fat. Dr. Andan will take special care to sculpt your figure in a way that appears completely natural and accentuates the results of your buttock enhancement.

The second part of the Brazilian butt lift is injecting the fat cells into the buttocks to create round, even and natural looking proportions. Depending on your goals, Dr. Andan may focus on enhancing the projection of the buttocks or on increasing overall roundness. He may also transfer a small amount of fat to the adjacent hip area to create smoother contours.

A Brazilian butt lift may be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the individual and whether any additional procedures are included. Buttock augmentation is an outpatient procedure, meaning you may go home immediately following your procedure.

Looking at before and after photos is a good place to start when it comes to planning your Brazilian butt lift surgery.

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For Slender People

There’s a misconception that skinny people cannot benefit from a Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Andan has successfully performed this procedure on numerous clients with slender builds with great results. In these people, a little fat goes a long way. Not as much fat is needed to create a rounder, sculpted backside that suits their smaller body frame. He is able to harvest fat, no matter how little, from the arms, inner thighs, back, waist and the belly. The combination of lipo sculpture as described above and fat transfer to the buttocks creates a curvier, sexier and more natural looking figure in these individuals.

Your BBL Recovery & Results

The night of your procedure, you can expect to receive a personal phone call from our office to make sure you are feeling all right and answer any questions you might have about your recovery.

Your precise recovery process will depend on the extent of your procedure and whether any additional treatments were included. Dr. Andan will provide you with a detailed explanation of post operative care and instructions. Most people who have a Brazilian butt lift take between 7 days to 10 days away from work. You would be required to wear a compression garment for several weeks following your procedure to minimize swelling and promote blood circulation and healing.

Immediately following your buttock augmentation, you should notice a difference in buttock and body contours. However, your final results won’t be apparent for several weeks as the swelling gradually subsides and your contours evolve and improve. Once your final results develop, you should notice a curvier and more sculpted buttocks and body.

Your Next Step

Take the next step by requesting your consultation with Dr. Andan. Contact us online to schedule your consultation, or call us today at 516-746-0155 to get started.

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