Can You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift if You’re Slender?

If you are looking to add some volume to your buttocks to create a fuller and more sculpted appearance, a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is a common option. This procedure uses fat from other areas of your body to provide the volume and shape you desire for your buttocks.

But what happens if you have a slender build without a lot of excess body fat? Can you be skinny and still get a BBL? The answer may actually surprise you.

You May Have More Fat Than You Think

Typically the stomach, hips and thighs hold the most fat to use for your Brazilian butt lift, but they are not the only options you have. If you have a slender abdomen and waistline, maybe you have a bit more available fat on your arms or back.

If you are skinny or have a small build, a little fat goes a long way when it comes to a Brazilian butt lift.

As a slender person, you may not have one single location available for fat cell harvest. In these cases, Dr. Andan can collect a little fat via liposuction from a few different areas in order to collect the desired volume.

A Little Fat Goes a Long Way When You Are Slender

When you are skinny, it doesn’t take a lot of fat to add volume and curves to your buttocks. Unlike someone with a larger body structure, your required fat cell volume will be much lower. Smaller amounts of fat are often enough to create the rounder, sculpted buttocks that enhance your smaller build.

Before you assume that you are too skinny to experience the physical enhancement of a BBL, contact New York Surgical Arts today for a consultation. Dr. Andan will evaluate your available fat deposits and help determine if a BBL is right for you.

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