How 360-Degree Lipo Stacks Up Against Traditional Liposuction

When it comes to cosmetically trimming down your figure, there are many options. On one hand, this is great, as it gives you more control over your cosmetic surgery experience. On the other hand, it can be a struggle to decide which option is best.

For example, should you go for traditional liposuction or 360-degree lipo? It really comes down to what your goals are.

How Lipo and 360-Degree Lipo Differ

The first question you are likely asking yourself is what is lipo 360 and how is it different from traditional techniques. Traditional liposuction can slim down specific target areas of your body, which, in many cases, is the front of the abdomen.

360-degree lipo can help you improve your figure from every angle.

360-degree lipo, as its name implies, targets the entire torso at once, including the front, back and sides. This offers a more comprehensive final result and a much larger target treatment area.

Lipo 360 Benefits

The fact that you can target multiple areas of the torso is obviously a major benefit to this form of liposuction. But that isn’t all.

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First, 360-liposuction creates a balanced and curved figure. Being able to trim the hips, back, flanks, and abdomen allows Dr. Andan to control the exact lines created. Then, there is the fact that this technique includes liposculpture. This means that in addition to removing fat cells, it also shapes those left behind. Finally, lipo 360 is an excellent procedure to pair with other cosmetic procedures, such as a Brazilian butt lift.

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