What Is BBL Recovery Like?

Recovery from a BBL is the last stage in a patient’s journey to fuller, more curvaceous buttocks, and it’s important to follow all post-operative instructions in order to achieve optimal results. A Brazilian Butt Lift, popularly referred to as a “BBL,” is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size of the buttocks with fat that is harvested from elsewhere on the patient’s body. BBLs let patients enjoy larger buttocks and smaller waists and the hourglass figure that’s so coveted today. It’s a popular procedure, but that doesn’t mean it’s something to be taken lightly. Patients need to be able to commit to at least 6 weeks of following detailed instructions during their recovery to ensure the best results. But, patients agree – it’s totally worth it!

Dr. Gordon Andan and the team at New York Surgical Arts help women and men achieve the sculpted body they desire while providing caring support and an unparalleled bedside manner. We help our patients through each stage of the procedure, from questions and consultation to post-op recovery and follow-up. If you are interested in learning more about a BBL and how it can help you achieve the curves of your dreams, contact our New York offices today at (516) 746-0155 or through our online contact form. We have offices in Manhattan and Long Island.

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About Brazilian Butt Lifts

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. For example, the number of BBLs performed in the US increased by 61% from 2014 to 2018. (1) And, numbers continue to climb! A BBL uses excess body fat to add volume and projection to a patient’s posterior. A BBL results in a smooth, balanced, buttocks with an enhanced shape and size. The procedure consists of both liposuction and fat transfer. First, regions with excess fat stores are selected for liposuction. This may include the back, abdomen, flanks, thighs or any area with unwanted fat. This fat is then filtered for purification and injected into the buttocks. As a result, recovery involves waiting for the areas that have undergone liposuction to heal, while also using extreme caution so that the transferred fat grafts successfully. 

Benefits of Proper Preparation for your BBL Recovery

Understanding what the procedure entails, and what you can expect during recovery is essential for preparing for your BBL recovery. Designating adequate time to rest and following post-operative instructions:

  • Ensures the most comfortable recovery possible
  • Minimizes the risk of complications 
  • Increases the rate of healing
  • Maximizes fat graft survival
  • Allows you to maintain a positive attitude
  • Ensures that you remain physically and emotionally healthy during your recovery
  • Allows you to get back to your daily routine more quickly, and start showing off your results!


If you understand what a BBL entails, and the kind of recovery you can expect, your initial consultation, lab work, and a frank discussion with Dr. Andan will ensure that you are a good candidate for a BBL. Getting the green light to undergo this procedure means that you are physically and mentally healthy enough to make it through the procedure and the recovery. Good candidates for Brazilian butt lifts:

  • Prefer an alternative to implants, dermal fillers, or a traditional butt lift 
  • Carry a sufficient amount of excess fat in different regions of the body (e.g. flanks, lower abdomen, back)
  • Seek both fat reduction and body sculpting

Patients who do not have enough excess body fat will be poor candidates for the procedure. In these circumstances, we may recommend an alternative procedure to enhance your butt. You’ll get blood work done, and an extensive review of your medical history and examinations will be performed to ensure that you are able to undergo this procedure safely. Certain underlying health conditions can make surgery dangerous. Cardiovascular disease, coagulation disorders, pregnancy, history of keloid formation, lipid metabolic disorders, severe chronic disease, and any history of pulmonary embolism will make you ineligible for a BBL. (2)

Personal Consultation

Dr. Andan and the team of New York Surgical Arts are proud to offer keen, compassionate care to women and men in the New York metropolitan area. Brazilian Butt Lifts are a popular procedure that allows our patients to achieve a more curvaceous frame using fat from their own bodies. If you are interested in learning how a Brazilian Butt Lift can help you achieve the shape you desire, contact our New York office today at (516) 746-0155. Visit our blog to learn more about procedures for our patients, and self-care tips. 


Follow these instructions to prepare adequately and set yourself up to experience the best results possible from your BBL procedure.

  • Quit smoking and using other nicotine products well in advance of your surgery
  • Attain a healthy body weight
  • Request two weeks off work
  • Practice sleeping on your stomach
  • Ask a good friend or family member to support you post-procedure
  • Prepare mentally
  • Create a space in your home that accommodates recovery

You’ll be spending a lot of time laying on your stomach, so make sure you have plenty of pillows, good streaming services, books, and podcasts to keep you entertained and in a good mood as you heal. Have a few friends that you’ve been meaning to catch up with? Give them a call! They’ll be happy to know you made it through surgery safely, and you’ll benefit from the mood-boost and loving support.

Anticipating Your Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift consists of the following step-by-step process, and each step will mean additional considerations for your recovery.

  • Anesthesia: BBL’s are typically performed under general anesthesia. Because of the drugs used, most patients will experience constipation, nausea, and lethargy following their procedure. Dr. Andan recommends having an over-the-counter laxative on hand, as well as drinking plenty of water to regulate your bowels after surgery.
  • Liposuction: Fat is removed from areas on the body with excess stores of fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, and hips. Before the fat is suctioned the donor areas will be infiltrated with tumescent fluid. This makes the fat easier to remove, reduces bleeding, and keeps you numb. You can anticipate a fair amount of drainage from these incisions during the initial part of your recovery, and drains will be placed to prevent the buildup of fluid. You’ll also have special tight-fitting compression dressings to ensure that any remaining fluid exits your incisions.(3)
  • Filtration: The removed fat is purified to isolate the healthy fat cells from the aspirated solution. 
  • Fat Transfer: The prepared fat is injected into various depths of the buttocks to create a full, lifted, round look. More than needed is injected to account for reabsorption. You’ll have discussed your desired results with Dr. Andan, so it’s important to realize that what you see immediately following your procedure is not your final result.


The recovery process takes about six to eight weeks. After your procedure, your designated caregiver will be able to drive you home to begin the recovery process. Make sure that their vehicle will allow you to lay on your side or stomach for the ride home. You’ll receive a call from our office to check on you later in the day. Your treatment areas will be wrapped in specialized compression dressings. The first few days after treatment, it is normal to experience swelling, bruising, and pain, as well as leakage from your incisions. We will also give you prescriptions for painkillers and an antibiotic to prevent the risk of infection. It’s important to take these as instructed. Should you have concerns about the recovery process, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can provide clarity and support. 

Avoid Sitting

Stay off your butt! Avoiding sitting except for when using the toilet. Any pressure can disrupt the transferred fat from grafting successfully. Your buttocks will also be tender and swollen, so sitting won’t be comfortable anyway. Sitting impedes the grafting process and can also cause the injected fat to shift, which can impact the final shape of your buttocks.

If you absolutely find yourself in a situation where you must sit, we recommend:

  • Sitting for no more than five minutes at a time
  • Standing after any period spent sitting
  • When given the green light, sit only on a BBL cushion to reduce pressure on your buttocks 

You’ll need to use special BBL pillow that goes underneath your thighs. This will allow your weight to rest on your thighs rather than on your newly sculpted bum for the instances when you absolutely have to sit, like in the car on your way to your follow-up appointments. 

Consistently Wear Your Compression Garment as Instructed

A compression garment helps to reduce swelling, and ensure that the areas that have been treated with liposuction heal with smooth contours. There’s no shortage of garments available that are specially designed for BBL recovery, and Dr. Andan and his team will be able to recommend the best faja, waistbinder, foams, or other accessories, depending on where you’ve had liposuction performed, and the extent of your procedure. We may recommend wearing this garment for up to eight weeks. Only remove it to bathe when instructed.

Maintain A Healthy Weight And Diet 

We recommend eating a diet rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. A fiber-rich diet will help you resume normal bowel movements. Lean protein and vitamin-rich foods will give your body the nutrition it needs to heal. Building a foundation of good eating habits will allow your BBL results to last for many years. To learn more, and about the other procedures that Dr. Andan performs, follow his blog!

Engage in Light Activity 

As soon as you’re able after your surgery, we recommend taking short walks. This will get your blood flowing, and increase the speed of healing. After light exercise for the first six-to-eight weeks, you can return to cardio and heavier physical activity.

Practice Patience 

Recovery is a process! As your discomfort subsides and your swelling improves, the transplanted fat cells are forming new blood supplies so that they can live healthily in their new location.(4)  You’ll be back to your normal self in six to eight weeks, but be patient. It can take up to six months to see your final results.

How Much Does a BBL Cost in New York?

The cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift will vary based on the details of their treatment. Factors that contribute to the total cost include a patient’s individualized needs, medical tests, compression garments and other recovery supplies, prescriptions, and anesthesia and facility fees. Patients should also account for the time they will have to take off of work to recover.
You’ll receive an accurate cost estimate following your consultation. To get started and learn more about what a BBL entails, schedule an appointment at New York Surgical Arts in New York City or Garden City by calling (516) 746-0155.


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