Brazilian — or “Brozilian” — Butt Lifts Aren’t Just for Women

Brazilian butt lifts are heavily associated with women, but male clients who want a shapelier backside can benefit from them as well.

That’s right, the male Brazilian butt lift exists, and it can give you the bottom that your squat routine has failed to achieve.

A Tailored Approach for Men

It is important to note that the Brazilian butt lift for men is not the same as the procedure used with female clients. Both remove fat from other areas of the body and transfer it to the buttocks, but with men, this is done with a more masculine shape in mind.

When a male client opts for a BBL, the approach is tailored to the look they desire.

Instead of creating an hourglass figure, the goal is to give the client a more defined V-shape and a butt that is rounded. It also gives men the chance to remove excess fat that is hiding their defined muscles, such as making six-pack abs more visible.

Some Things Men Should Keep in Mind

First, if the idea of getting a BBL for men is bothering you because you think it is just for women, work to open your mind to the possibility. Do your research online, find stories about men happy with their results then sit down with a surgeon to learn more from them.

As you look for a doctor offering Brazilian butt lifts for men, ask surgeons about their experience with the procedure on male clients. Request before and after photos and make certain you are comfortable with the work they do. The results of a men’s BBL can be transformative if you select the right surgeon to help you.

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