A Brazilian Butt Lift Abroad Might Not Be Cheap after All

The allure of having a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) abroad is that it is much cheaper than having a BBL in the states. But as it turns out, this is a dangerous misperception. In fact, having cosmetic surgery abroad could end up being significantly more expensive in the long-term. This is due to the increased risk of complications that is commonly seen when you go abroad to seek cosmetic surgery.

To avoid unnecessary risks and expenses, you’re better off searching for the cheapest BBL in NYC from a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

The Risks of Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Abroad

Even though the dollar amount might have you considering a “cosmetic surgery vacation,” it’s important to weigh risks before deciding. Here are just a few of the common risks associated with having a BBL or most any cosmetic surgery in another country:

  • Consultations are a must when considering cosmetic surgery. However, searching abroad for cheaper surgical procedures may not allow you to take advantage of this. And if you do go for a consultation, that’s just more expenses to add to your bill.
  • Travelling after a cosmetic procedure is not safe. To avoid this risk, you would need to spend a pretty penny in accommodations to stay until your body is actually ready to take on the stress of travel.
  • If there are complications following the surgery or even just regular on-going care, your additional costs abroad will most likely not be covered by your insurance.
  • Most importantly, getting a BBL abroad could put you at risk of terrible infections such as E.Coli, other bacteria-resistant diseases, or having your surgical incisions come apart. This could be due to the varying guidelines and standards for health operations.

To sum up receiving cosmetic surgery abroad, if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Opt Instead for the Cheapest BBL in NYC

It’s okay if you want to price compare to find the cheapest BBL in NYC, but it’s important to make sure your cosmetic surgeon has the right certification and experience. When searching for a qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform a BBL, remember to find one with proper board-certification and experience performing the procedure. Put safety above price tag and you’re well on your way to getting great results.

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