Will Exercise Change My Breast Augmentation Results?

Many active-minded women who consider breast augmentation wonder how exercise will impact their breast implants.

Those with a consistent fitness routine, particularly such activities like CrossFit or weight training, want to know if and when they can resume regular workouts.

A Supportive Cosmetic Surgeon

One question to ask during your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Andan is what his stance on exercise is. Dr. Andan understands how important exercise is to many of his patients so he will offer clear guidelines on how soon you can return to your normal activities.

Keep on Moving

Immediately following your breast augmentation, you won’t be ready to run a 5K but you should keep moving.

For the first 2 weeks of your recovery, light walking helps to keep your blood flowing and prevents against clotting. Wearing a supportive sports bra throughout your recovery will help optimize your comfort.

At the 2-week point, you can increase your activity level to include low-impact cardio.

Activities can include using an elliptical trainer without moving your arms, riding a stationary bike and certain yoga poses that stretch the lower body without straining the chest or arms.

Go for the Gold

By 4 weeks, most women are able to resume running and other more moderate cardio.

Women who are eager to get back to chest exercises usually get the green light by 8 weeks.

By this point, there are no activity restrictions and you should be able to enjoy your regular exercise routine. Once your pectoral muscles have fully healed, there’s no chance of exercise altering your breast augmentation results.

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