Why You Can’t Exercise Away Man Boobs, But Surgery Can Help

The medical term for enlarged male breasts, sometimes referred to as “man boobs,” is gynecomastia. Many men who struggle with gynecomastia think that the only solution to the excess tissue is with exercise. But often, despite the best efforts to firm and tone up the chest muscles, the treatment for enlarged male breasts is a bit more complex. While exercise can help burn off excess fat surrounding the chest area, gynecomastia doesn’t always go away with exercise alone. Oftentimes, a male breast reduction is needed.

Causes of Gynecomastia

The two basic causes of gynecomastia are the enlargement of the breast gland and excess fatty tissue surrounding the breast gland. Other potential causes of enlarged breasts are unfavorable reactions to antibiotics or other drugs, herbal products and anabolic steroids.

Good Candidates for Male Breast Reduction

The best candidates for male breast reduction are:

  • Men who are at least 18 years old. Males still going through puberty may lose overly large breasts as they mature.
  • Men in good general health and physical condition, close to their ideal weight and who don’t smoke.
  • Men who have consulted an experienced and qualified cosmetic surgeon to address any concerns or questions they may have.

Why Male Breast Reduction Works

The particular gynecomastia correction surgery is determined by the nature of the problem. For those men who have excess fatty tissue, the first step is liposuction which removes the fat while at the same time contouring the chest. The second step is the removal of the breast gland by an incision on the lower border of the areola. Although individual results vary, many men find that male breast reduction is a quick procedure with a short recovery time.

So, can gynecomastia go away with exercise? No, but fortunately there is male breast reduction surgery to help men struggling with gynecomastia achieve a more masculine figure.

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