Where Is 360-Degree Liposuction Most Effective on Your Body?

Did you know that there’s a new and improved type of liposuction that can give you even more complete results?

That new technique is called 360-degree liposuction and, like its name suggests, it can help to give you a 360-degree transformation. Here’s how it works and which treatment areas respond best to lipo 360.

Lipo 360 Treatment Areas

As with all types of liposuction, lipo 360 is a body contouring tool, not a method of weight loss. So it’s still best that you come as close to your target weight as you can before opting in. But when diet and exercise aren’t quite enough, 360-degree liposuction can help.

Traditional liposuction is performed on one area at a time, while lipo 360 can target your entire midsection at once, leaving you with more comprehensive results in less time. This means that you can treat areas like your abdomen, waist, hips and back at the same time to get the sculpted results you’re hoping for.

Is Lipo 360 or Traditional Tumescent Lipo Right for Me?

Liposuction won’t address loose skin, but it can be combined with a tummy tuck if both excess fat and skin are concerns.

360-degree liposuction is specifically designed for helping to slim and sculpt multiple areas of your midsection at the same time. But traditional liposuction could still be a good choice if there’s only one area that’s bothering you, such as love handles, back rolls or your upper arms.

During your consultation, Dr. Andan can help you decide which liposuction technique would be the best fit for your unique needs and goals.

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