Your Top 3 Brazilian Butt Lift Questions Answered

The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is becoming one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. This isn’t very surprising, considering it involves removing fat from problem areas and using it to plump and shape your backside.

The BBL has helped many women achieve the sexy hourglass figure they’ve always wanted.

How much do you know about this wildly popular procedure? Here are three of your most pressing BBL questions, answered.

1. Can I Do Butt Workouts without Losing Volume?

The fat that is implanted during a BBL becomes part of your posterior as if it had always been there. Therefore, working the buttock muscles should not cause you to lose any of the fullness achieved from your BBL. In fact, targeted exercise may even enhance your results by providing additional “lift.”

2. How Long Do the Results Last?

It’s important to make sure you have reached a weight you are comfortable staying at before proceeding with a BBL.

This is definitely one of the most common BBL questions, and you’ll probably like the answer. An expertly done BBL with proper aftercare can last for many years, and you probably won’t ever need a revision. However, if you lose a significant amount of weight after your Brazilian butt lift, you may lose some of the fat in your buttocks.

3. Will Sitting Affect My Results?

The BBL question that everyone asks is how sitting will impact their results since many of us spend several hours sitting behind a desk each day. However, prolonged sitting should not affect your BBL results once you have healed.

When you are still recuperating, it’s important to follow Dr. Andan’s instructions regarding how long you can sit without compromising your results.

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