Talking about Your Mommy Makeover with Your Kids

Although many women who are considering a mommy makeover have fully committed to the idea that they’ve more than earned it, some may be concerned with how their children might react to the idea. In this situation, it can be helpful to frame your discussion around the idea that cosmetic surgery is a tool to help you look and feel your best. Here are three key pointers to keep in mind when talking about your mommy makeover with your kids.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Remember that taking care of yourself inside and out will also impact your children and can affect their overall wellbeing. You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking some time for yourself to restore your pre-pregnancy body and boost your self-image. Most women who consider getting a mommy makeover understand that they’ve made countless sacrifices for their families, especially when it comes to their bodies, so allow yourself to focus on you for a change.

Emphasize the Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

When talking with your children, be sure to include in your discussion that cosmetic surgery has limitations. Although it can work as an added supplement to a healthy, active lifestyle, it’s certainly not a “cure-all.” Even with a healthy diet and exercise routine, some concerns like sagging skin and muscle laxity just can only be corrected surgically. Emphasize the fact that cosmetic surgery can help to boost self-esteem, which helps you to live life to the fullest.

Enjoy Your Results

Lastly, give yourself permission to enjoy your refreshed, rejuvenated new look. You’ve certainly earned it! Keep in mind that for the best mommy makeover results, you may want to wait to have your mommy makeover until you’ve finished having kids. For as much of the physical and emotional labor you’ve invested as a mom, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself.

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