The No. 1 Reason to Literally Turn It Around in 2018? 360-Degree Lipo

If you’re already planning on “turning things around” in 2018 as part of your New Year’s resolution, why not really give yourself a spin — literally — with 360-degree liposuction? Not sure what 360-degree lipo is, exactly? Take a look at these three common questions about this popular body contouring treatment to help you decide if it could be right for you.

What Is 360-Degree Lipo?

As the name suggests, 360-degree lipo is a liposuction technique that is able to treat multiple areas of your body, rather than just one. For example, instead of just addressing stubborn pockets of fat in your belly area with traditional liposuction, 360-degree lipo can simultaneously address your entire midsection area for more comprehensive results.

How Does 360-Degree Lipo Differ from Regular Liposuction?

Consult with Dr. Andan to help you pick the best liposuction option for your needs.

The main difference between traditional liposuction and 360-degree liposuction is that the latter can treat several different areas at once, while regular lipo typically only focuses on one at a time.

Can 360-Degree Lipo Be Combined with Other Procedures?

Yes. In fact, both traditional liposuction and 360-degree lipo are often combined with a tummy tuck because liposuction does not address skin laxity or loose muscle tissue. A tummy tuck, on the other hand, can, which is why these two procedures often pair very well together.

You might also elect to make 360-degree lipo a part of your mommy makeover, which can be completely customized to fit your needs and cosmetic goals.

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