Should You Massage Your Implants after Breast Augmentation?

Recovery from breast augmentation is almost as important as the procedure itself. As you heal from breast augmentation, you want to take all the necessary steps to ensure you’re getting the rest and care that you need to support your recovery.

During breast augmentation recovery, it’s universally accepted that you should refrain from specific activities that could put stress on the chest muscles or impact the breast implants. Cosmetic surgeons also agree that proper nutrition can help aid your healing process. But when it comes to massaging implants, there are different schools of thought as to if the practice is recommended.

The Argument for Breast Implant Massage

After breast augmentation, a capsule or pocket of scar tissue naturally forms around the breast implant. Capsular contracture refers to when this capsule thickens and tightens, putting pressure on the implants which can create a tight sensation negatively impact the implant’s shape or position. Some cosmetic surgeons suggest that gently massaging the breast implants can reduce the chances of capsular contracture.

Proponents of breast implant massage also indicate that massaging the implants can help minimize post-surgical swelling, hasten recovery and aid in keeping the implant pocket expansive.

What the Opponents Have to Say about Breast Implant Massage

Not all cosmetic surgeons believe that it’s worthwhile to massage after breast augmentation. They note that massage is not an effective means of preventing capsular contracture, nor can massage influence the position or shape of the breast implants. Although gentle massage poses no harm and may be a soothing experience for a woman, cosmetic surgeons who don’t recommend it feel that there’s no proof that the practice will effect the breast augmentation results.

Whether or not you massage, working with an experienced cosmetic surgeon is the best way to help ensure long-lasting, beautiful breast augmentation results.

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