How Soon Could You See Results after VASER Hi Def® Lipo?

With any cosmetic procedure, clients have a lot of questions on their minds. While many of these are specific to the procedure they are considering, there is one that is universal: How soon will I see my results?

So, when do you see results from VASER Hi Def® lipo?

Results Are Instant— and Also Not

After any surgical procedure, including all forms of liposuction, swelling is expected.

As soon as you wake up from surgery, you might be able to notice a difference in the area treated with VASER Hi Def lipo. However, this will not be the ultimate result of your procedure. You need to be patient when it comes to seeing your final outcome.

This isn’t unique to VASER lipo, though. All liposuction procedures require some time for swelling to go down and the true results of the surgery to be visible, so don’t let the idea of waiting to see the new you put you off from considering this procedure.

When VASER Hi Def Results Are Clear

Expect the targeted area to be swollen for up to a month after surgery. Then, anticipate residual swelling to remain for another five months. At the sixth-month mark, your VASER Hi Def liposuction results should be clear. Just keep in mind that, as with all liposuction procedures, you will need to eat well and exercise to maintain your new look.

For more information on how VASER Hi Def lipo works or to schedule a consultation, contact New York Surgical Arts.

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