How Six-Pack Ab Liposuction Works on Your Midsection

In today’s culture, many strive for chiseled abs and a toned physique. But six-pack abs aren’t always that easy to attain. Whether you have always been in good shape or have worked hard to reach a weight loss goal, attaining defined muscles, or a six-pack, can often feel out of reach.

While you may have strong, defined abdominal muscles, a thin layer of stubborn fat may sit just above, keeping those muscles hidden. Traditional liposuction can target that stubborn fat but doesn’t always result in defined abdominal muscles. However, a relatively new liposuction technique, known as abdominal etching, offers a new six-pack abs surgery option.

Six-Pack Ab Liposuction Reveals Natural Abdominal Muscles

Six-pack ab liposuction gives you the chiseled look without all the long hours sweating in the gym.

Six-pack ab liposuction, or abdominal etching, highlights your natural abdominal muscles. It does this by removing small amounts of fat from specific areas, following the natural muscle lines. There are no implants used to define the abs. This procedure removes the thin layer of fat that prevents the natural muscle definition from showing.

Abdominal Etching and Sculpting Removes Fat Above and around the Muscles

As the procedure begins, your surgeon traces an outline of your abdominal muscles on the skin. These will serve as a guideline during the liposuction procedure. The surgeon makes several small incisions in the belly button or along natural creases in the abdomen.

Next, a small tube goes through the incision underneath the skin to remove a thin, even layer of fat across the entire abdomen. Following that, the surgeon continues by removing small amounts of fat along the vertical and horizontal natural muscle lines.

The tube used for abdominal sculpting is much thinner than a typical liposuction procedure as it gives the surgeon more control to remove and sculpt the fat within your abdomen. Once complete, the small incisions may or may not require sutures.

For more information on how six-pack abs liposuction can give you the toned look you desire, contact Dr. Gordon Andan and New York Surgical Arts today.

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