Does VASER Hi Def® Lipo Really Produce More Sculpted Results?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the hype. When you hear about a procedure as good as VASER Hi Def® liposuction, it’s easy to write it off as the latest fad and stick to the tried and true.

But sometimes, the hype is well deserved. VASER Hi Def® really can produce the results you’re looking for and help you get closer to the body you want.

How Does VASER Hi Def Lipo Work?

VASER Hi Def steps up the game on liposuction with selective-tissue ultrasound technology. After priming the area with a special saline solution, Dr. Andan uses probes that emit ultrasound energy to help separate the targeted fat cells from the surrounding tissue. This can help make fat removal more precise.

Are the Results Really that Good?

Targeted VASER Hi Def technology can help create enhanced definition where you want it most.

If you’ve been slaving away at the gym, working on your six-pack without seeing the results you want, a VASER Hi Def lipo near you can help. VASER ups the ante on traditional liposuction by incorporating “etching,” which can help you find muscle definition that’s difficult or impossible to get alone.

Some things really are as good as they seem, and the VASER Hi Def® lipo system is one of them.

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