Can Slimming Creams Really Compete with Liposuction?

While browsing the web or watching TV, chances are pretty good that you’ve come across the fat-burning “miracle creams” being sold. They claim to smooth your skin, slim your figure and deliver the results of surgery with regular use. But how accurate are their claims? Let’s take a look at liposculpting vs. liposuction cream.

When Something Sounds Too Good to Be True …

Well, it usually is. While the exact claims will vary between creams, they generally come down to two specific actions: firming the skin and burning away fat. While no long-term studies of their effectiveness have been done, user-reported results aren’t exactly promising. In most cases, multiple weeks of use results in no change at all, and even when results are seen, they are minimal.

Most sculpting creams soften skin, but don’t slim your figure.

In other words, if you are only looking for a centimeter or so in change and are okay with getting nothing more than softer skin as a result, in the battle of liposculpting vs. liposuction cream, the cream could win out.

Creams Just Can’t Beat Liposuction

It is tempting to turn to creams over plastic surgery. The idea of medical procedures can be daunting, and a quality cosmetic surgeon isn’t cheap. However, if you want significant, lasting results, you need treatments like VASER Hi Def® Lipo or 360° Liposuction. From revealing a six-pack hidden by a stubborn layer of fat to slimming your arms, these treatments do what creams simply cannot.

When comparing liposculpting vs. liposuction cream, liposculpting comes out on top. Contact us online or call us at 516-746-0155 to find out more about your liposculpting options.

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