Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Give You That Coveted Hourglass Figure?

Have you been graced with not-so-feminine curves? If you’re looking for that oh-so-coveted hourglass figure but can’t seem to achieve it by going to the gym, a BBL could be the perfect solution.

How can a Brazilian butt lift give your booty a boost and help you achieve your desired shape?

What a BBL Can Do for You

Brazilian butt lifts are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and it’s easy to see why. Rather than using synthetic implants, the BBL uses your body’s own natural fat cells to enhance your curves. Dr. Andan will first use liposuction to take unwanted fat from areas like your tummy, waist or thighs and then carefully inject it into your buttocks.

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Really Give You an Hourglass Shape?

Just about anyone can be a good candidate for a BBL, even very petite women.

What’s so great about the Brazilian butt lift is that it’s really two procedures wrapped up into one. Not only do you get a bigger, shapelier backside, but you also get the added benefit of liposuction. So two of the most important components to that sexy hourglass figure — a slim waist and a curvy butt — can be achieved in just one appointment.

If you’re thinking about getting a BBL, be sure to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Andan, to get the best possible results. Ask to see a few Brazilian butt lift before and after photos featuring women with similar builds as yours to get an idea of what your results could look like.

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