Why the BBL Could Make 2018 Another Year of the Rear

What’s been dubbed the “year of the rear” starting back in 2014 has proven to be more like the “years of the rear,” because this plastic surgery trend is still going strong into 2018. These top Brazilian butt lift benefits are likely a large part of why this procedure continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries year after year.

The BBL Is a 2-in-1 Procedure

A BBL can help you to achieve the coveted hourglass shape by first using liposuction to harvest fat from common problem areas, and then reinjecting it to your buttocks area for a curvier shape.

Many people often don’t realize that a Brazilian butt lift actually includes two treatments wrapped up into one. Your BBL will start with liposuction of your abdomen, waist and back. You can also add liposuction to additional areas such as your outer thighs or upper arms.

Next, that fat is sterilized and then carefully injected into your buttocks to create the desired shape and added volume.

Fat Transfer Beats out Butt Implants

If you’re looking for more volume in your backside, you have two main options. The first is a Brazilian butt lift and the second is synthetic butt implants. The problem with butt implants, though, is that they have a tendency to move and become displaced, which can result in an unnatural and unbalanced look.

The BBL, on the other hand, uses your body’s own fat cells, so many people feel that this method can offer more natural-looking and feeling results than butt implants.

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