5 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask about a Brazilian Butt Lift

You might have heard that the “year of the rear” keeps on coming back around since Brazilian butt lifts are still one of the top cosmetic procedures.

If you still have questions about what the BBL is all about, take a look at these answers to some of the most common Brazilian butt lift FAQs.

1. What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift starts with contouring of your abdomen, waist and back through liposuction. If you have additional trouble spots that you’d like to address, you can add liposuction to these areas as well.

Dr. Andan can remove fat, no matter how little, from areas like your arms, inner thighs, back, waist and hips to achieve the desired shape. The fat is then purified and carefully injected into your buttocks, creating a fuller and curvier shape.

2. What’s the Difference between a Butt Lift and Butt Implants?

A BBL uses fat transfer to take excess fat from one area of the body and inject it into your buttocks for a more voluminous silhouette. Butt implants, on the other hand, require the surgical placement of synthetic implants. When using implants for buttocks augmentation, there is always a possibility they can become displaced and create an awkward, unnatural look and feel.

3. Can Petite Women Get a BBL?

Yes, even petite women with only small areas of excess fat can be great candidates for a BBL. Dr. Andan is very strategic about which areas are used to collect fat for the transfer process. To ensure that you’re a good candidate if you have any questions, schedule a consultation with Dr. Andan.

4. How Much Time Do I Need to Take off Work for a BBL?

Most people are able to return to work within 7 to 10 days after their BBL, although BBL recovery time can vary. Just make sure to follow Dr. Andan’s post-op instructions to the letter for the best possible outcome.

5. Are Brazilian Butt Lift Results Instant?

Although you may notice an immediate difference in your silhouette after your BBL, it can take several months to see your full results. In some cases, additional fat transfer may be needed to achieve your appearance goals.

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