Why 360 Lipo Can Be Great for Women

360 lipo, also known as circumferential liposuction, targets multiple areas of the body for full-body results

This is great for a number of reasons, but can particularly benefit women for a few specific reasons.

360 Lipo Means More Precise Fat Removal

While most people think that removing as much fat as possible results in the best possible outcome, experienced cosmetic surgeons including Dr. Andan will tell you otherwise.

With 360 lipo you don’t have to have a good side; your entire body will be your good side.

Best outcomes are achieved not necessarily by how much fat is removed but by how much contouring is achieved.

360 lipo is great because Dr. Andan can remove fat from your mid-section while sculpting and contouring to deliver a better overall outcome.

360 lipo works with a woman’s natural contours to enhance her figure in subtle ways that bring out the best in the female body. The resulting silhouette looks natural and balanced, never “done.”

When performing 360 lipo, Dr. Andan is thinking about your full body contours rather than just a specific target area, you can expect to look good from every angle.

360 Lipo Combines Well with Other Procedures

Liposuction isn’t the right procedure for every woman, so making sure you’re a good candidate should be one of the questions you ask at your liposuction consultation.

If you notice hanging or loose skin in addition to fatty problem spots, additional procedures (such as a tummy tuck) may be recommended in addition to lipo.

360 lipo combines effortlessly with other cosmetic surgery procedures for more comprehensive results, so you can feel confident about looking your best regardless of the steps you take to reach your appearance goals.

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