3 Ways a Cosmetic Surgeon Can Resurrect Your Beach Body Resolution©

A beach body for men is just as possible as it is for women with a little help from cosmetic surgery. As summer approaches, many of us start thinking about how we’re going to look in our bathing suits, and women aren’t the only ones who are interested in looking their best as the temperatures heat up. When it comes to creating a desirable beach body for men, these plastic surgery options may be your answer.

Male Breast Reduction

There’s no need to let embarrassment about your chest keep you from taking your shirt off at the beach. Due to a hormone imbalance, some men experience enlarged breast glands, also called gynecomastia. Dr. Andan performs male breast reduction surgery to remove the enlarged breast gland and any excess fat, leaving you with a sculpted, natural-looking chest.

Liposuction For Men

Liposuction is the same procedure experience for men as it is for women.

When it comes to getting your beach body, sometimes it doesn’t matter how many hours men spend in the gym if they happen to be dealing with stubborn fat, particularly in the abdomen. Fortunately, these excess fat cells may be removed via liposuction. Dr. Andan will make small, discreet incisions and insert a small tube to suction out excess fat in specific areas such as the hips, arms or stomach to help give you a more contoured appearance.

Full or Mini Tummy Tuck

The look of a beach body for men typically includes a smoother, more muscular abdominal area. While 6-pack abs may not be realistic, cosmetic surgery procedures such as a tummy tuck can address excess skin and fat in the stomach region and tighten the abdominal wall. Dr. Andan performs both full and mini tummy tucks to give your abdomen a more sculpted look and to help restore your confidence so that you can once again enjoy a day at the beach.

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