3 Reasons for the BBL’s Popularity

The popularity of the Brazilian butt lift has soared in the past decade, and while breast augmentation still tops the list as the most common cosmetic surgery, butt lifts are now not far behind. This procedure can provide a more ample posterior to those looking to improve their assets below the waist, and its recent rise in popularity is likely to have many causes.

1. It’s a 2-in-1 Procedure

Brazilian butt lift is much more than just a lift. Instead, it’s actually two procedures combined into one, where fat is removed from other less desirable parts of the body and then injected into the buttocks. So people who opt for a butt lift get both liposuction as well as a firmer, shapelier butt. Not only does a BBL offer you a boost where you want it, but it also gives you a more streamlined look overall.

2. Celebrity Influence

As with most rising trends, celebrity influence may be another contributing factor to the recent popularity of the BBL. Celebrities like J Lo have received a lot of media attention for their backsides, which may explain the growing demand for butt lifts over other cosmetic surgery procedures.

3. More Acceptance of Body Diversity

Another reason for the trend may be that our views on body diversity have shifted. Celebrated on the big screen and on fashion runways around the world, curvier, figures are increasingly accepted as a norm. Rather than the ultra-thin look prized on the runway in past years, women today are encouraged to embrace and flaunt their feminine curves, making a Brazilian butt lift an excellent way to highlight your figure.

4. Variations in Brazilian Butt Lift (Misconceptions about the Brazilian Butt Lift)

The Brazilian butt lift is a great procedure for contouring the midsection and the butt. There is a misconception that this procedure is to greatly increase the size of the butt. Most people actually opt for a butt size that looks natural and matches their frame. For some, the procedure involves making the butt bigger and curvier/rounder with more projection. For others who have enough volume in the butt, it entails contouring the butt to achieve a rounder and more projected butt and not necessarily a bigger butt. Overall the Brazilian butt lift is a great procedure for body contouring and is customized according to each individual’s needs and desires.

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