3 Questions You Should Ask about Before and After BBL Photos

The Brazilian butt lift is among the most popular of all cosmetic surgeries. As demand for the BBL soars, women are scheduling consultations with cosmetic surgeons to learn more about what they can expect.

When considering any cosmetic surgery, it’s common to look at before and after photos to get a sense for what your results may look like. Knowing which questions to ask can help ensure you’re getting the full story for your Brazilian butt lift.

1. Are There a Range of Body Types?

When viewing a before and after photo gallery of Brazilian butt lifts, make sure that there are a range of body types represented in the pictures.

A true artist excels in a variety of styles, and the same can be said for a cosmetic surgeon.

This indicates that your cosmetic surgeon has the skill and experience to bring out the best results across an array of body shapes and sizes.

2. When Was the Photo Taken?

With time, all things are revealed — and that includes your Brazilian butt lift results. In the initial weeks following a BBL, there will be significant swelling around the butt. If a photo is taken before swelling has subsided, it can offer an unrealistic representation of the final outcome.

The sweet spot for truth in advertising comes around the 4-month mark. By that time, swelling should have resolved and the fat graft should have taken successfully, showing authentic results. Find out when the photos were taken before you make a final judgment.

3. Do You Have Photos of People Similar to Me?

Viewing photos that closely resemble your build can give you a sense of what your final results will look like. Focus on the before pics that are similar to your body type and decide if you like how the after photos look.

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