Candidates for Breast Augmentation

The most common candidates for breast augmentation are women who feel self-conscious about having smaller breasts. You may have always wanted a fuller figure, or may have experienced a loss in breast volume due to age, nursing or weight fluctuations.

Breast implants can be ideal for women who want to see a change in cup size along with improved cleavage. For more subtle changes in breast size, shape and cleavage, fat transfer breast augmentation can also be a great option. Implants can also be combined with fat transfer for a boost in volume along with shapelier, softer contours.

It’s important to understand that implants only add volume to your existing breasts. If your breasts appear to sag or droop, a breast lift may be a better option for you. You can also combine a breast lift with implants for a perkier, more youthful silhouette with improved cleavage.

Get a Free Breast Augmentation Consultation

The first step in achieving your ideal figure with breast implants is scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Andan. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals and feel great about your body.

Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Making the decision to get breast implants is a personal one. Dr. Andan offers complimentary consultations during which he takes time to extensively answer any questions you may have about your breast enlargement procedure and the results you can expect.

Each breast augmentation begins with a small incision, which Dr. Andan will place as discreetly as possible. Most often, incisions are hidden in the natural fold below the breast (inframammary fold). In each case, Dr. Andan takes every precaution to ensure optimal healing for a beautiful final result. He’ll also provide advice on scar care before surgery, and go into more detail on how to achieve the perfect scar during your post-op follow-ups.

The exact incision type used for your augmentation procedure will depend on your preferences, your appearance goals and whether you plan to combine your breast augmentation with any additional procedures.

The type of implants used for your breast augmentation is another determining factor for incision placement:

  • Saline breast implants feature a round, smooth silicone outer shell that’s filled with a sterile salt water solution. Because they’re inserted empty and filled after placement, saline breast implants typically require a slightly smaller incision.
  • Silicone breast implants are filled with a silicone gel, and the outer shell can be smooth or textured. Many women feel that silicone breast implants offer final results that feel and look more like their natural breasts. Silicone implants come pre-filled to the desired size from the manufacturer.

After placement, Dr. Andan will close the incisions with sutures. These sutures are buried in the incision and dissolve within a few weeks to a few months, leaving a perfect scar. Breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis, so you will be able to go home once your procedure is completed.

Your Perfect Breast Augmentation Size

During your consultation, Dr. Andan will have you try on various sizers to help you decide on the perfect implant size for you. As a policy, Dr. Andan believes that each woman should decide which size implants to get.

As you make your decision, he’ll offer guidance, but ultimately encourages you to make the final choice as to the ideal result you desire. It can be a difficult decision to arrive at what implant size to use. In this regard, Dr. Andan makes sure you never feel rushed, but instead have plenty of time to make a decision. He also encourages you to come in for subsequent consultations if you cannot decide on what size breast implants seem best.

Your Recovery & Results

On the night after your surgery, you can expect to receive a phone call from our office to make sure you are doing well and answer any questions you may have about your recovery process.

Although you can expect to feel some discomfort after your procedure, recovery from breast enlargement is a gradual process that varies for each woman. Most women take about a week away from work and their normal routines after breast augmentation. You can gradually ease into exercise and other more strenuous activities in the following weeks and months.

Immediately after your procedure, you should see a noticeable difference in your breast size. Initially, your breasts will be swollen and your implants will sit higher on your torso. Your final results will continue to evolve over the following several weeks. Most women can expect their swelling to fully resolve and their breast implants to drop into place a few months after getting breast implants.

Your Next Step

Take the next step by scheduling your complimentary consultation with Dr. Andan. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to helping you feel great about your body.